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Ancient Graffiti Inc RG9233

Ancient Graffiti Inc RG9233   Ancient Graffiti Inc RG9233

Butterfly Rain Chain


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This Butterfly Rain Chain banishes all the blues of a rainy day! Designed to replace an unsightly downspout, this rain chain takes the form of stunning butterflies that twirl as rainwater is diverted downward. This chain is patterned after an ancient Japanese system of rain-collection, and performs an essential function but with twice the charm. Simply hang this rain chain from an eave or a gutter, and it starts to work its magic. Due to the surface tension of water, rain collects and drips down the butterflies for a lovely spinning effect. Crafted of metal with a flamed copper finish, this rain chain will acquire a lovely patina over time. It's sure to grace your gloomy days with a whole lot of delight! More

Ancient Graffiti Inc RG9233
Item #: RG9233
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