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Andy Brinkley Studio AT6807

Andy Brinkley Studio AT6807   Andy Brinkley Studio AT6807

Handcrafted Copper Maple Tree Wall Sculpture


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This Handcrafted Copper Maple Tree Wall Sculpture is a stunning piece of art that will be a bold focal point in any living area. Carefully crafted in rural North Carolina by artist Andy Brinkley, this copper maple tree wall art measures more than three feet across. A striking addition to your indoor or outdoor dA cor, this piece is designed in hues of red, pink and orange-evoking all the beauty of the autumn season. This maple tree wall sculpture is constructed by brazing copper and brass pieces together using a filler rod and an oxyacetylene torch. The red colors are achieved by heating the copper until the metal is red hot, then it is quenched by room-temperature water. This striking tree wall sculpture will bloom eternally in your home or garden, bringing a sense of natural peace to your spaces. If placed outside, the copper will oxidize to a green patina, not rust. Each piece is treated with a clear, non-yellowing acrylic coating for outdoor use.Andy, a native of Virginia, has been working with metals for over three decades. Initially a blacksmith, he began to utilize various metals and has specialized in brass and copper for the past 30 years. Andy started working out of a small basement shop and today his studio is on a rural woodland nestled in North Carolina's Appalachian foothills. When he's not tending to his gardens or sculpting at his bench, Andy can be found at the controls of his antique Luscombe... More

Andy Brinkley Studio AT6807
Item #: AT6807
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