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Asian Handicrafts/Xcess WC7372

Asian Handicrafts/Xcess WC7372   Asian Handicrafts/Xcess WC7372

Hummingbird Beaded Wind Chime


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This stunning Hummingbird Beaded Wind Chime shows remarkable attention to detail on the part of the artisans who created it. A lovely hand-beaded hummingbird hovers in the center of a golden wire heart courtesy of his vibrant blue wings, encrusted with individually-applied glass chips. His body is formed from coils of tiny beads, while his fanned tail comprises slightly larger beads in greens, blues and more. Below the beaded hummingbird, a brass-colored wire spiral supports five delicate chains, adorned with multi-colored beads and culminating in tiny, brass-colored metal bells. As enchanting as this wind chime is for the eyes, your ears will be just as delighted when a breeze causes the bells to ring in soft, tinkling... More

Asian Handicrafts/Xcess WC7372
Item #: WC7372
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