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Bovano Of Cheshire AT6848

Bovano Of Cheshire AT6848   Bovano Of Cheshire AT6848

Great Blue Herons in Marsh Wall Art by Bovano


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Over a foot high and four feet in length, this Great Blue Herons in Marsh Wall Art by Bovano is almost as majestic as the bird itself. While large, this wall art uses negative space to create an airy feeling, consistent with the subject matter. Two Great Blue Herons stride through a salt marsh, with a copper sun setting in the distance. Tufts of marsh grasses add dimension and sweeping lines suggesting ripples on water to complete the scene.Since 1952, Bovano has been creating works of art like this herons in a marsh metal sculpture using glass powder that is painstakingly applied and then fused to copper. Sheets of copper are cut, forged and etched to create dimension and then a highly-skilled enameler powder coats each piece by hand, adding layer upon layer of beautiful color. Once the pieces have been dusted with the powdered glass, they are transferred to the kiln which heats them to over 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. At this high temperature, the glass becomes fused to the copper and the brilliance of the colors is achieved. Examples like this Great Blue Herons wall art also include some areas of copper that are left without enameling to let the beauty of the metal stand on its own.This Great Blue Herons in Marsh metal wall sculpture is light in weight and easy to hang. Because these pieces do not rust or fade in sunlight, they are perfectly suited for any area in your home, but are best displayed indoors... More

Bovano Of Cheshire AT6848
Item #: AT6848
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