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Arts Beauty Exports GF8344

Arts Beauty Exports GF8344   Arts Beauty Exports GF8344

Brass Folding Binoculars with Leather Case


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Our Brass Folding Binoculars with Leather Case recall an age of style and sophistication, when items such as this were not disposable, but treasured keepsakes to be passed down to the next generation. Recapture that spirit with these unique folding binoculars crafted from antiqued brass and leather. This reproduction piece and its leather case are both marked with the name "R & J Beck Ltd," a notable London optical manufacturing firm known for producing high quality lensed items, particularly microscopes, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Also engraved on the cover is a line from Christopher Columbus's log in which he notes the appearance of certain birds as "a great sign of land." As a desktop ornament, or perhaps part of a well-outfitted steampunk ensemble, this beautifully crafted folding binocular with leather case artfully recaptures a time when craftsmanship and quality were... More

Arts Beauty Exports GF8344
Item #: GF8344
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