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Bandana Yardbirds SC8269

Bandana Yardbirds SC8269   Bandana Yardbirds SC8269

Handcrafted Peacock Metal Yard Sculpture


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Such a handsome fellow, our Handcrafted Peacock Metal Yard Sculpture will bring personality, fun and color to your outdoor retreat or home decor. Made in the USA from scrap and reclaimed metals, this feathered fellow's body is crafted with bolts, washers, bicycle spokes and more. Featuring a spiky plume and down, this wacky peacock statue is accented with red, blue and green marbles for a pop of color. Place this whimsical peacock in your flowerbed, on your porch or patio, or on a tabletop or desktop, anywhere you want to add an entertaining accent. A delightful gift for anyone who appreciates metal art, loves birds or collects peacocks. Naturally rusting with age, this recycled metal peacock sculpture is best displayed when treated with a clear acrylic enamel... More

Bandana Yardbirds SC8269
Item #: SC8269
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