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Asian Handicrafts/Xcess KA7023

Asian Handicrafts/Xcess KA7023   Asian Handicrafts/Xcess KA7023

Colorful Heart Outdoor Wind Chime with Beads and Bells


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This Colorful Heart Wind Chime has it all: delicate wire hearts adorned with colorful beads and a dozen golden bells to softly serenade you when the wind blows. The top features an ornate metal wire heart embellished with wire curlicues and colored beads while five beaded chains hang below. Each chain has a combination of beads and bells, with three of them bearing their own wire hearts. It certainly won't take much of a breeze to begin the soothing chiming of the bells, but even on a still day, this lovely chime will warm your heart with its... More

Asian Handicrafts/Xcess KA7023
Item #: KA7023
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