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100% 50110-193-02

100% 50110-193-02   100% 50110-193-02

100% Racecraft Goggles - One Size Hyperloop - Mirror B


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Product details provided by Wiggle:
Lens The lens chosen for these goggles is the Injected Mirror. This means that the lens has been fully integrated into the frame of the goggles providing a more sheltered peripheral view that helps protect your lens from scratches, abrasions and high impact. The mirror element gives your vision a greater level of protection from glares. The lens comes with anti-fog technology that prevents the goggles from steaming up when you are at your most active. Frame The frame is made of strong flexible material that is shock absorbing. The goggles interior comes with a triple layer of specialist foam that is built to absorb and manage moisture especially body moisture. The Air Intakes patented technology then goes even further in channelling air into the foam to help evaporation and keeping the face cool to lessen levels of body moisture. The strap is an oversized, 45mm thick, silicone coated strap that is elasticated and capable of securely fitting to multiple helmet... More

100% 50110-193-02
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