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100% 80001-011-09

100% 80001-011-09   100% 80001-011-09

100% Aircraft DH Helmet -BiTurbo White - XS Bi-Turbo White


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Berms, booters and north shores, there's no need to fear the challenges that meet your trail ride thanks to the ultra-protective Aircraft DH Helmet. Sporting an integrated compartment that accepts inflatable emergency release systems, customise your level of safety to ensure that nothing stands in your way. Working in tandem with the emergency release cheeks and adjustable visor, this popular lid is also compatible with most neck brace systems to provide unrivalled protection from unexpected falls. For those that love to pedal from sunrise to sunset, the active cooling system increases ventilation and maximises airflow, providing one of the most breathable helmets on the market. Extremely lightweight, the Aircraft DH comes with a titanium D-Ring buckle for securing your fitting in a instant as well as a durable case and integrated goggle pocket. Whether you're shredding downhill or climbing the mountains, this protective helmet is certain to inspire confidence in any... More

100% 80001-011-09
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