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100% 50110-248-02

100% 50110-248-02   100% 50110-248-02

100% RACECRAFT Floyd - Mirror Pink Lens - One Size Pink


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Product details provided by Wiggle:
Lens The lexan lens is super durable and impact resistant othering a large peripheral vision and huge layer of protection. The lens is kept in place with a 9 pin retention system which is the most pins used in a goggle across all majorly known brands which provides a solid hold. The lens itself comes with a special anti-fog treatment which protects the lens from fogging up due to hot and humid conditions. Frame The frame is also extra hardy and comes with a mix of comfort and protection. The interior of the frame is coated in a triple layer of face fitting foam that is specially engineered to manage moisture and keep you dry and cushioned for long days of riding. To stabilize the frame it comes with outriggers and an oversized, 45mm strap that is backed with silicon to ensure a tight and firm grip over the majority of MTB or moto... More

100% 50110-248-02
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