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Connelly 67161032

Connelly 67161032   Connelly 67161032

Connelly Party Cove 4 2016

 $229.99    $99.99

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Brand new for 2016 comes the Connelly Party Cove 4. This non-towable lounge features an open design with equally space seating arrangements so you and three others can relax in style or just cool off in the water while enjoying your favorite beverage. There are molded in cup holders that allow you to hold said beverage should you decide to jump in the water and cool off. The shape of the Party Cove is puzzle like so you can dock multiple lounges together and have loads of fun with others and create a floating Armada. Open Design with Equally Spaced Seating Arrangement, Heavy Duty PVC, Inflatable Backrests, Molded Cup Holders, Boston Valve for Quick Inflation and Deflation, Peel and Stick Repair Kit Included, Size: 112in Diameter, Number of People: 4, Built in Cooler?: No, Model Year: 2016, Product ID: 428025, Model Number: 67161032, GTIN:... More

Connelly 67161032
Item #: 428025
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