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Cwb 62154139

Cwb 62154139   Cwb 62154139

CWB Groove Wakeboard

 $480.00    $159.99

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The CWB Groove Wakeboard was made for the advanced to intermediate rider looking to progress and perfect their skills so they can truly have a great time on the water.The Groove was built with a huge center spin that runs tip to tail that will displace water to the edges of the board and make those hard landings a little softer. This, in turn, minimizes the impact on your knees. This center spine makes edge-to-edge transitioning a little easier. Add to it all the four bolt on fins and you'll have plenty of grip to make this board fast and responsive.The CWB Groove Wakeboard delivers so when it comes to popping off the wake and landing soft and smooth, look no further than the Groove. Construction: Smooth Flat Bottom Design and Huge Center Spine from tip to tail, What Binding is Included?: None, Fin Configuration: Four Bolt on Aluminum Fins, Weight Range: up to 160 lbs. (@139cm), Rocker Type: Continuous, Edge: Beveled Variable, Rocker: 2.91in (@139cm), Bindings Included: No, Board Width: 17.80in, Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 462201, Model Number: 62154139, GTIN:... More

Cwb 62154139
Item #: 462201
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