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Cwb 64162807

Cwb 64162807   Cwb 64162807

CWB Empire Wakeboard Bindings

 $255.00    $89.99

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Product details provided by Water Outfitters:
The CWB Empire Wakeboard Bindings are ideal for those looking for a reliable binding complete with comfort and style. These Empires are easy to get into and super quick to lace up so you're not burning daylight getting situated. The Deep Heel pocket with built in Achilles pads makes it easy to use so you just place your foot in and utilize the single lace. If you're looking for the blend of simplicity, comfort and performance then you'll want to ride with the CWB Empire Wakeboard Bindings. Infinity Plate, Single Piece Cush Liner, Deep Heel Pocket with built in Achilles Pads, Single Lace Design, Gorilla Grip, Closure System: Lace, Binding Style: Open Toe, Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced, Model Year: 2016, Product ID: 462205, Model Number: 64162807, GTIN:... More

Cwb 64162807
Item #: 462205
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