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Byerly 16 - 56

Byerly 16 - 56   Byerly 16 - 56

Byerly Felix Wakeboard 2016

 $499.99    $249.99

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The Byerly Felix Wakeboard was crafted for the riders who call the cable park 'home'. Designed for the cable pulling, this board can take a serious beating and is virtually indestructible with a double lap construction incorporating layer glass to strengthen those edges with a thinner tip and tail. The Biolite 3 Core equips the Felix with enough durability to handle heavier winch drops to handle kickers, with enough added flexibility for hitting those park features. The Byerly Felix will certainly not disappoint in the park or behind a boat, wherever you feel at home. Carbon Composite Construction, Full Perimeter Energy Ring Sidewall Incorporating Kevlar and Carbon, Double Lap Construction with Layered Glass, Shaped by Scott 'Butch' Bouchard, Biolite 3 Core, Reinforced Footbed Area w/M6 Inserts, Sintered Base, Subtle Centered Landing Feature, Rounded Profile, Continuous Rocker, Thinner Flex Specific Design, 4 Fin System, Construction: Carbon Composite, Rocker Type: Continuous, Bindings Included: No, Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced, Model Year: 2016, Product ID: 570372, Model Number: 16 - 56, GTIN:... More

Byerly 16 - 56
Item #: 570372
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