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Byerly 23040010

Byerly 23040010   Byerly 23040010

Byerly Assault Wakeboard

 $329.99    $79.99

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Butch is up to his old tricks again in creating a board with compression molding and glass technology found in the Byerly Assault Wakeboard. This board features never before used Glass Rope Technology with a fiberglass edge for a stronger layup that springs back to its original rocker line faster than anything else on the market today. The new reinforced construction allows the Assault to be the thinnest board Byerly has ever made. The thinner board makes it very lightweight with better flex characteristics and the 3-stage rocker gives you that familiar pop off the wake that allows you to get the air needed to bust out some sick tricks. ABS molded-in fins make for strong edge holding on the wake. Overall the Byerly Assault Wakeboard is the perfect combination shape and construction ever seen. Shaped by Butch, Glass Rope Sidewall, Strategic Flex Patterns, Thin tip / tail thickness, Layered Glass, Construction: Biolite 3 Core, Length: 53-55cm, What Binding is Included?: None, Fin Configuration: Molded-in ABS, Weight Range: 155lbs and up (@53cm) / 165lbs and up (@55cm), Rocker Type: 3 Stage, Edge: Custom, Rocker: 2.4in (@53cm) / 2.5in (@55cm), Stance Width: 18-24in (@53cm), Bindings Included: No, Board Width: 17.25in (@53cm), Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 263240, Model Number: 23040010, GTIN:... More

Byerly 23040010
Item #: 263240
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