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Liquid Force 2155399

Liquid Force 2155399   Liquid Force 2155399

Liquid Force Diva Womens Life Vest

 $99.99    $39.99

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The Liquid Force Diva Life Vest is great for the gal who wants a stylish and comfortable life jacket for when they're cruising on a jet ski, honing their riding skills or swimming with a snorkel by the boat.The Power-Flex Neo / Speed Skin material helps shed water to keep the jacket in good shape while also being lightweight and stretchy so you never feel constricted. The Flex-Architecture was made by utilizing 11 panels for freedom of mobility and comfort. Its PVX Foam won't absorb water as quickly and will give you a secure and comfy fit.The Smart Fit design of the Liquid Force Diva Life Vest means you'll be able to remain comfortable whatever activity you're up to and stay protected and safe when out on the water.***Please be sure to check your states Life Jacket State Requirements*** Power-Flex Neoprene / Speed Skin, Flex-Architecture, PVX Foam, Smart Fit, Closure: 2 Buckle & Zip, Material: Neoprene, Coast Guard Approved?: Yes, Kidsafe?: No, Coast Guard Approval Type: III, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 382108, Also Known As: Life jackets are also commonly referred to as Life Vests and PFDs (Personal Flotation Device)., Model Number: 2155399, GTIN:... More

Liquid Force 2155399
Item #: 382108
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