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Cwb 62153978

Cwb 62153978   Cwb 62153978

CWB Dowdy Wakeboard

 $530.00    $179.99

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Product details provided by Water Outfitters:
The CWB Dowdy Wakeboard is a superlight ride designed, shaped and ridden by the one and only Mike Dowdy. With a 3 Stage Rocker you'll have the predictability you want in a smooth ride. There's a center spine running from tip to tail for those soft landings and quick edge to edge maneuverability. With the sharp edges you'll be able to move quickly while maintaining control of the board. A Stepped Molded Fin can be added if you'd like better tracking. With its Carbon X Pattern under foot you'll have plenty of energy for popping off the wake in a board that's stiff and strong while also having plenty of traction on the water. If you're an advanced rider looking for a board that was built to take the abuse and keep you rockin' at high speeds then you'll want to get onto the CWB Dowdy Wakeboard this season. Designed and Ridden by Mike Dowdy, Asymmetrical Tip and Tail, Spooned Tip and Tail Reduces Swing Weight, Tip to Tail Center Spine, Construction: Pro Core with Carbon Torsion Tech, What Binding is Included?: None, Fin Configuration: Four .6in Bolt on Fins, Weight Range: up to 160lbs (@136cm) / 150lbs+ (@142cm), Rocker Type: 3 Stage, Rocker: 2.81in (@136cm) / 2.93in (@142cm), Bindings Included: No, Board Width: 16.92in. (@136cm); 16.92in. (@142cm), Skill Range: Advanced - Pro, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 462199, Model Number: 62153978, GTIN:... More

Cwb 62153978
Item #: 462199
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