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Connelly 62194193

Connelly 62194193   Connelly 62194193

Connelly Bentley Wakesurfer 2019

 $450.00    $299.99

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Product details provided by Water Outfitters:
For an awesome epoxy surfer the Connelly Bentley Wakesurfer is the one to choose. The Bentley is a skim/surf hybrid that is fast and maneuverable on the wave and will outperform boards that cost twice as much. There is a blunted nose and tapered tail that combine with a stable edge sidecut radius to give you a predictable feel. The Bentley features twin 3.6 inch foil fin setup that provides awesome grip and drive while on the edge but can also break free on slashes at the lip of the wave. Rider Weight up to 200lbs., Hybrid Design, Thermo Shell Construction, One Piece EVA Pad, Twin FCS 3.6in Fins, Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 558559, Model Number: 62194193, GTIN:... More

Connelly 62194193
Item #: 558559
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