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Jetpilot JP15215-BLU-S/M

Jetpilot JP15215-BLU-S/M   Jetpilot JP15215-BLU-S/M

Jetpilot S1 Nylon Adult Life Vest

 $62.99    $39.99

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Product details provided by Water Outfitters:
The Jetpilot S1 is a great surf ready, US Coast Guard approved vest made with a durable nylon construction, a 4-buckle closure system for easy on and off, along with a foam core. This vest is a great and comfortable option for any activity on the water.***Please be sure to check your states Life Jacket State Requirements*** U.S. Coast Guard Approved, Nylon Construction for Durability, 4-Buckle Closure, 100% PE Foam Flotation, Closure: 4 Buckle, User Weight: 90lbs and Up, Material: Nylon, Coast Guard Approved?: Yes, Kidsafe?: No, Coast Guard Approval Type: III, Product ID: 597244, Also Known As: Life jackets are also commonly referred to as Life Vests and PFDs (Personal Flotation Device)., Model Number: JP15215-BLU-S/M, GTIN:... More

Jetpilot JP15215-BLU-S/M
Item #: 597244
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