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DETAILSCONTENTSWARRANTY Our flagship product, exclusively branded with the official Canada 150 logo. Only 150 of these WILL EVER be available to help celebrate this unique occasion in Canada's history! 150 Currently 0 remaining Buy VSSL today - the water resistant flashlight that holds your survival gear - Contains the outdoor gear you need for short-term excursions.Wherever your adventure takes you, be prepared!Read the reviews: you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weather-resistant case is an essential part of preparation.Each VSSL unit is 9" long by 2" diameter made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum.Weighs 18 ounces (1 pound, 2 ounces).Triple mode (static and SOS) LED 'flood' beam lantern flashlight, illuminates a large area (batteries included)For corporate purchases and gift requests, please email sales@VSSLgear.coma Triple mode LED light/lantern (including SOS mode)a Compass (oil filled)a 6 hour pure Canadian beeswax candlea Razor bladea 6 AquatabsA(R) water purification tablets. Purify up to 3 gallons (each tab purifies up to 2 liters, depending on water quality)a Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps)a Aluminum beadless emergency whistlea Waterproof matchesa Tinder QuikA(R) fire startersa Fishing Geara Signalling Mirrora 25' of marine grade rope (250lb breaking strength)a Reflective trail markersa P38 military GI Type can openera First aid suppliesa VSSL priorities of survival and instructionsIncludes a one year limited warranty - more details... More

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