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Organic cotton tee with Mt. Baker image. It's so easy to dream of perfect powder days and incredible summer time hikes when you can stare at Northwest Washington's iconic peak, Mount Baker, which we can do at VSSL HQ. That inspired us to make this T-shirt. Baker frequently has some of the deepest snowbases in North America during the winter, and at 10,781 feet elevation it can be seen for miles around on hikes in the North Cascades. We love being in the mountains. We love the thrill of fresh powder, the joy of a breath-taking view, the freedom felt listening to a rushing river, the peace of mind that comes solitude and escape, and the relaxation you feel by an alpine lake. Baker offers all of that and so much more, which is why we want to celebrate this legendary mountain with you. The image on this T-shirt is 7.5 inches wide, on a premium Ordinary Supply oragnic cotton... More

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