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History's most iconic extinct creature. The woolly mammoth is a reminder of the resiliency of our ancestors. They used the woolly mammoth as a source of food, while bones and tusks were used for the manufacture of art objects, music instruments, tools, furniture, and shelter. This rich history is showcased in the components of this 10 piece collection, comprised of mammoth tooth, purpleheart wood, and blue oak. Additionally, the classic Buck Knife 110 is fully disassembled and processed so that the brass accent pieces are brushed vs. polished to match the timeless nature of the artwork Kay has created for the handles. Each knife comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is packaged in a custom VSSL branded wooden box. VSSL will be donating 10% of all knife sales to Communitas, a local Abbotsford-based organization that helps find employment for youth with special needs. To learn more about VSSL's long-standing partnership with Communitas, read our blog post here.This collection is exclusive to VSSL. Each knife is handmade and therefore unique. Slight variations will occur across each individual knife.Materials Used: Mammoth tooth, purpleheart wood, blue... More

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