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Adventure Medical Kits 371948

Adventure Medical Kits 371948   Adventure Medical Kits 371948

Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak N/a One Size


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No matter you're adventure, this Pocket Survival Pak from Adventure Medical Kits is a must have addition to your arsenal. The Pocket Survival Pak features a 110 dB Rescue Howler(TM) Whistle that can be heard up to 1 mile away, with a Rescue Flash(TM) signal mirror and a Spark Lite striker with Tinder Quik(TM) that burns up to 2 minutes even when wet. Additional Contents: 26" x 2" Duct Tape Survival Compass Scalpel Blade #22 Fresnel Lens Magnifier 6' Stainless Steel Utility Wire 10' Braided Nylon Cord - 150 lb test Heavy Duty Sewing Needle Fishing Kit 4 Safety Pins Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - 3 sq. ft #2 Pencil and Waterproof... More

Adventure Medical Kits 371948
Item #: 371948
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