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Fits 1001

Fits 1001   Fits 1001

Fits Medium Hiker Crew Socks Coal S

 $21.99    $10.50

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Get your FITS...and get lost! The Fits Medium Hiker Crew Socks boast a medium cushion of Merino Wool throughout that supports your entire foot, ankle, and lower calf in total comfort. In this sock, you will easily forget about the task at hand while you comfortably master any outdoor endeavor. Full Contact Fit: Dynamic Toe Cup: contours to the shape of your toes Heel Lock: super deep heel pocket with ample cross stretch locks the sock on your heel Full Contact Cuff: stays in place due to a tighter ankle and looser calf (proper gradience) Additional Features: Crew Length: just below calf Midweight design with cushioning surrounding your entire foot, ankle and lower calf Double welted top so the sock always stays up and doesn't bind or slip Color coded seam on toe and indicator inside welt so you won't forget your size or style White " More

Fits 1001
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