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Icebreaker 100361

Icebreaker 100361   Icebreaker 100361

Icebreaker Women's Willow Tank Metro Monsoon XS

 $70.00    $24.95

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The striking Icebreaker Women's Willow Tank with color blocking stripes on the front is a comfortably cool top with a feminine low back and stylish strap twist at the shoulders. Features: Featherweight 120gm wool,Highly breathable, naturally Can be worn across seasons and continents, solo in the heat or layered up in cooler weatherIdeal for travel because they regulate temperature, breathe to prevent overheatingPack light Care: Machine wash. Dries fast in the shade, but do not tumble dry Fabric: 100% merino woolSee "Overview" below for sizing... More

Icebreaker 100361
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