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Farbank Enterprises 0730884215268

Farbank Enterprises 0730884215268   Farbank Enterprises 0730884215268



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For 2008 RIO has improved the Selective Trout line by making it a softer and more supple fly line so that it comes straight off the reel and without any memory. RIO has also added the new Extreme Slickness Technology, creating a super slick, dirt-repelling coating. For discerning anglers and technical fishing, these unique weight forward and double taper lines are designed for trout fishing where presentation is of the utmost importance. Both the weight forward and double taper lines have long front tapers for delicate presentations and an extended rear taper for effortless roll casting. The Selective Trout line is good on bamboo and all medium action trout rods. RIO has slightly increased the weight behind the front taper of the double taper for easy turnover of long leaders. The Selective Trout line is ultra supple and memory-free in winter. The AgentX coating makes these high floating lines incredibly easy to lift quietly off the water. The Super Floatation Tips have a welded loop except on the Double Taper lines and the WF1F and WF2F lines where delicacy is of the utmost... More

Farbank Enterprises 0730884215268
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