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Farbank Enterprises 0730884210201

Farbank Enterprises 0730884210201   Farbank Enterprises 0730884210201



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RIO SUMMER REDFISHDescriptionRIO's Summer Redfish line is designed for anglers targeting redfish and speckled trout in warmer conditions. The line features a mid length front taper that casts typical redfish patterns, and allows for careful presentations so as not to spook wary Reds. The line is front weighted to easily load a rod and to cope with typical saltwater winds, and has a medium-stiff core and a hard, tropical coating will not wilt in warmer conditions.? *RIO also makes a WINTER REDFISH line, designed specifically for big Gulf RedsFeaturesMid-length front taper for perfect presentations, yet powerful enough to cast typical summer redfish patternsEasy loading head makes it simple to cast at close rangeMedium stiff core and tropical coating ensures the line does not wilt in the... More

Farbank Enterprises 0730884210201
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