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Cwb 62143613

Cwb 62143613   Cwb 62143613

CWB Absolute Wakeboard

 $400.00    $99.99

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Product details provided by Summit Sports:
The CWB Absolute Wakeboard is made for the intermediate rider who wants to play behind the boat and pop off the wake on a smooth and predictable ride. The Absolute boasts a 3 Stage Rocker helps give you that bigger pop while also retaining its smoothness and predictability. Designed with a big center spine, this helps displace the water on those impacts which eases the shock. There are 2 rows of 6 V-Shaped Mini Steps which help increase speed while also reducing drag so you don't lose the energy up on the wake. User-friendly and made to help you progress, the CWB Absolute is a non-stop thrill the moment the boat starts to move. 2 Rows of 6 V-Shaped Mini Steps, Deep Center Spine, Smorg Base - Laminated Nexus Shell, Construction: Pro Core - Closed Cell PU Foam, Fin Configuration: Long Angled Base Molded Fins, Weight Range: up to 160lbs. (@ 135cm); 150lbs+ (@ 141cm), Rocker Type: 3 Stage, Rocker: 2.90in (@ 135cm); 3.11in (@ 141cm), Bindings Included: No, Board Width: 16.90in, Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 345211, Model Number: 62143613, GTIN:... More

Cwb 62143613
Item #: 345211
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