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Kastle A816 175

Kastle A816 175   Kastle A816 175


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Product details provided by Summit Sports:
The Kastle XX90 is a high-flying, easy spinning freestyle ski that can hold its own anywhere on the mountain. Designed with Kastle's Dual Hollowtech inserts in the tip and tail lower the swingweight and enhances maneuverability. A Symmetrical Shape helps you stick a misty 7 and send it off a jump switch. The Poplar/Beech Wood Core feels light on your feet and loaded with energy. Early Rise Rocker in the tip and tail delivers quick turn initiation and a playful feel whether you are boosting out of the park, tearing down a groomer or cranking out steep bump lines. With a flex pattern slightly stiffer than your average park ski, the Kastle XX90 springs off a jump and can handle your top speed and your biggest air. Dual Hollowtech, Early Rise Tip and Tail, Poplar/Beech Wood Core, Symmetrical Shape, Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack2 13,Look SPX 12, Salomon STH WTR 13, Marker Griffon, Recommended Brake Size:... More

Kastle A816 175
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