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Nordica 05032300 576 235

Nordica 05032300 576 235   Nordica 05032300 576 235

Nordica NXT N2W Womens Ski Boots

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Product details provided by Summit Sports:
The new Nordica NXT N2W is a great boot for the advanced to expert skier that wants a boot that has power and comfort, that best fits ladies that have a medium to wide forefoot, and medium sized shaft of the leg. The N2W has Nordica's PFP Precision Fit Liner that has a specific fit just for women, and will resist packing out more than just a recreational boot, so you will get long lasting performance and comfort. The size of the cuff is adjustable with the ACP that is located in the calf area that will the quick turn of the wrench will help you get the fit of the cuff dialed in just perfectly. A flex of 95 is on the stiffer side, so it will require some power and technique to be able to deliver control to your skis, but it will be supportive at fast speeds. The N2W has a 102mm last that will accommodate most women's feet comfortable, but will still give you control over your skis. If you are looking for a boot that has a sturdy flex, with a medium to wide forefoot the Nordica NXT N2W will be a great boot for you. Primaloft Insulation, ACP (Adjustable Cuff Profile), PFP Precision Fit W Liner, Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg, Actual Flex: 95, Cuff Alignment: Single, Warranty: One Year, Ski Boot Width: Medium Wide (102-103mm), Flex: Medium, Used: No, Ski/Walk: No, Forefoot Width: 102mm at Reference Size 25.5, Flex Adjustment: Yes, Buckle Count: 4, Category: Downhill, Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain, Instep Height: Medium, Calf Volume: Medium, Skill Range: Advanced - Pro, Model Year: 2016, Product ID: 352700, Model Number: 05032300 576 235, GTIN:... More

Nordica 05032300 576 235
Item #: 352700
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