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Liquid Force 2155180

Liquid Force 2155180   Liquid Force 2155180

Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard

 $449.99    $159.99

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Product details provided by Summit Sports:
Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first time the Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard is a great board to have in your arsenal. This Raph Derome signature board works well with riders of all skill levels thanks to its progressive three stage rocker that gives you the speed and flow of a lower rocker through the middle that will blend into two zones with increasing curve. There is a Pro-Glass combo layup that will keep the RDX protected making it highly durable. A Vee Tip Channel will give you increased control and added lift off the wake to give you enough height to perform some sick tricks. Vee Tip Channel, Low Volume Rails, Pro-Glass Combo Layup Laminate, Raph Derome... More

Liquid Force 2155180
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