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Athalon 334 REDWEB/BLACK

Athalon 334 REDWEB/BLACK   Athalon 334 REDWEB/BLACK

Athalon Single Ski Padded Ski Bag 2019

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Product details provided by Summit Sports:
The Athalon Padded Single Ski bag is a quality and economical ski bag for you to take a single set of skis and poles (up to 180cm long) on your next mountain adventure. This bag has full padding from the tip and tail with two compression straps to keep your gear secure as you move through airports and shuttles. High Density Polyester with Waterproof Backing, Fully Padded, Self-Healing Zipper, Top Handle with Padded Grip, Matte Chrome Hardware, Accommodates One Pair of Skis and a Set of Poles, Compression Straps, Warranty: One Year, Ski Capacity: 1 Pair, Material: High Density Polyester, Max Ski Size: 180cm, Exterior Pockets: No, Padded Inside: Fully, Size Dimensions: 175cm long, ID Tag: No, Degree of Padding: Light, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 501248, Model Number: 334SMU, GTIN:... More

Athalon 334 REDWEB/BLACK
Item #: 501248
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