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Ho Sports 40000000

Ho Sports 40000000   Ho Sports 40000000

HO Sports Syndicate A3 Slalom Water Ski

 $1,500.00    $399.99

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The HO Sports Syndicate A3 Slalom Water Ski offers a Women's Specific Flex Pattern and comfort and performance features to ensure that you have all you need to succeed on the water. The Clean Edge Tech ensures less drag and more comfort when you're at speed and a Speed Skin helps maintain speeds when you need it most. The Carve Rails and Carve Flex mean you can absolutely crush it on those arcing turns. You'll also have a Shark Fin for clean cuts and tons of hold in the choppy water. With the HO Sports Syndicate A3 Slalom Water Ski, you can expect unprecedented performance the moment you step into the ski. Speed Skin, Acceleration Flex, Automatic Angle Shape, Speed Control Specific... More

Ho Sports 40000000
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