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Men's Kuhl Mog T

Men's Kuhl Mog T   Men's Kuhl Mog T

Men's Kuhl Mog T

 $35.00    $19.99

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Product details provided by Summit Hut:
The Kuhl Mog Tee features 100% Wildfibre Organic Cotton with a garment over-dye for highly breathable and super absorbent comfort and softness next to your skin. Wildfibre Organic Cotton is among the finest available cotton KHL can source, and a comparable fabric is not readily found on the market.The tee features an original graphic by KHL's in-house artist, Manny Carrasco. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Manny has worked in the advertising, toy, game and film industries. A master falconer, Manny brings a love of wildlife to his... More

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