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Pacificpearls.Com TRE719S

Pacificpearls.Com TRE719S   Pacificpearls.Com TRE719S

Treasure Island Collection- Autumn Breeze Hula Hoop Mother-of-Pearl Ear

 $250.00    $12.50

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Like the soft leaves that floated endlessly on the day she tried out her hoop for the first time, these gorgeous Autumn Breeze Hula Hoop Mother-of-Pearl earrings promise to delight the young and the young at heart. Special Features: Retail Price & Certified Valuation: $250 Color: Autumn Breeze Size: 30 x 30mm Grade: Premium Quality AAA Species: Mother-of-Pearl Luster: Highest Nacre: Thick Surface: Excellent Shape: Disc Matching: Excellent Design: Chic, On-Trend, Fashionable Occasion: Weekend, Smart Casual, Evening Style: 14K White Gold Filled... More

Pacificpearls.Com TRE719S
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