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Pacificpearls.Com MAR472S

Pacificpearls.Com MAR472S   Pacificpearls.Com MAR472S

Maria-Theresa Reef Collection 9-10mm Pearl Necklace

 $1,250.00    $69.00

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The simple, classic design of a necklace such as this beauty makes it a favorable choice for the woman who wants everything! It can be worn with practically any outfit, to any occasion, from the events where you are required to be at your most glamorous and elegant, to your casual outfits and weekend wear, where it will add a generous dose of magical sparkle. Special Features: Pearl Color: White Pearl Size: 9-10mm Grade: Premium Quality AA+ Luster: Very High Nacre: Very Thick Surface: Very Good Pearl Shape: Near-Round to Round Matching: Very Good Number of Pearls: 45-50 Pearls Individually Double-Knotted Species: Freshwater Design: Classic, Elegant, Timeless Occasion: Formal, Evening, Business, Weekend Rarity: Popular Clasp: 14K White Gold Filled Clasp Stringing: Double-Knotted, Double Strand Fine Silk Necklace length: 18... More

Pacificpearls.Com MAR472S
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