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Pacificpearls.Com KIR655S

Pacificpearls.Com KIR655S   Pacificpearls.Com KIR655S

Kiribati Collection 15-18mm Baroque Pearl Pendant

 $250.00    $19.00

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An extremely rare, unique, baroque pearl falls from an infinite spiral of silver. She has a gorgeous, chrysalis-like appearance, in a creamy, shimmering crystal white, striking black, or soft pastel. But under the light, her marbled overtones of pink, green, peach, silver, or vivid blue spring to life, enhancing the natural beauty of this pearl pendant. Special Features: Baroque pearls are characteristically unique The size of these luscious gems, fifteen to eighteen millimeters in size, coupled with their very high luster, and very thick nacre, means they are truly a rare... More

Pacificpearls.Com KIR655S
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