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Pacificpearls.Com POL757S

Pacificpearls.Com POL757S   Pacificpearls.Com POL757S

Polynesia Collection- Metallic Gray 20mm Giant Baroque Pearl Earrings on 18K White Gold

 $500.00    $24.00

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Mother Nature takes a bow each time a baroque pearl is created. Every one of the exquisite and magnificently crafted pieces that we so proudly fashion into earrings, is unique and never to be seen again. Intriguingly irresistible, the colors and lights of the galaxies dance and shimmer subtly in these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind treasures. No occasion is too grand for these stunning gems. Now it's your turn to take a bow! Special Features: Retail Price & Certified Valuation: $500 Pearl Color: Metallic Gray Pearl Size: 20mm Grade: Premium Quality AA+ Luster: Very High Nacre: Very Thick Pearl Shape: Giant Baroque Design: Ultra-Glamorous, Exotic, Luxurious Occasion: Red Carpet, Evening, Formal Rarity: Extraordinarily Rare Earring Style: 18K White Gold Filled Hooks on 925 Sterling... More

Pacificpearls.Com POL757S
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