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Caterpillar P309001 7.0

Caterpillar P309001 7.0   Caterpillar P309001 7.0

Caterpillar Kearny Womens Boots

 $180.00    $74.99

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The Caterpillar Kearny Womens Boots have styling that boasts a calm-casual, laid back and biker-like look. The Kearny low booties have a soft lining for ultimate comfort within a premium antiqued leather. These fine looks stay tough in harsh cold weather conditions. Full Grain Leather Upper, Microfiber Lining, Microfiber Sock Liner, Rubber Outsole, 1 1/2 Inch Heel Height, Warranty: One Year, Waterproof: No, Material: Leather, Type: Boot, Insulated: No, Sole Material: Rubber, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 435718, Model Number: P309001 7.0, GTIN:... More

Caterpillar P309001 7.0
Item #: 435718
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