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Stella 406 SB 17

Stella 406 SB 17   Stella 406 SB 17

Stella Patch Girls Snowboard

 $199.99    $79.77

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Accelerate the learning curve with the Patch snowboard from Stella. A full camber profile gives the board pop and response with great edge hold for linking big turns and stability at high speeds. The Patch is perfect for all-mountain cruising and showing up all the boys. Camber Profile, Cap Construction, Standard 4-Hole Pattern, Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain, Rocker Profile: Camber, Shape: Directional, Flex: Soft, Board Width: Regular, Rocker Type: Camber, Core Material: Wood, Construction Type: Cap Construction, Hole Pattern: Standard 4 Hole, Warranty: One Year, Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 473132, Gender: Girls, Skill Level: Beginner, Model Number: 406 SB... More

Stella 406 SB 17
Item #: 473132
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