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Polarmax 1H32S GY S

Polarmax 1H32S GY S   Polarmax 1H32S GY S

PolarMax Micro H1 Womens Long Underwear Pants

 $38.00    $9.99

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Stay warm, dry and comfortable with the PolarMax Micro H1 Long Underwear Pants. The Micro H1 was built with comfort in mind thanks to a soft hand and relaxed fit and the Acclimate Dry Polyester will pull moisture away from your body for comfort and breathability. The Acclimate Anti-Microbial feature will keep you smelling fresh in all situations. Relaxed Fit, Acclimate Dry Polyester, Acclimate Dry Moisture Wicking, Next to Skin Comfort, Made in the USA, Fit: Tight, Warranty: One Year, Wind Protection: No, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Light, Type: Bottom, Wicking Properties: Yes, Water Resistant: No, Recommended Use: Snow, Antimicrobial: Yes, Anti Odor: Yes, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Product ID: 477778, Model Number: 1H32S GY S, GTIN:... More

Polarmax 1H32S GY S
Item #: 477778
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