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Stella 519 SB 17

Stella 519 SB 17   Stella 519 SB 17

Stella Leo White Womens Snowboard

 $199.99    $79.77

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Ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, the Leo White snowboard from Stella features a full camber profile and directional shape. Its camber profile provides a stable ride over any terrain while its soft flex makes it easy to maneuver. Whether you're just starting out or working on linking turns at higher speeds, the Leo White snowboard will make every day on the slopes a good one. Camber Profile, Cap Construction, Standard 4-Hole Pattern, Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain, Rocker Profile: Camber, Shape: Directional, Flex: Soft, Board Width: Regular, Rocker Type: Camber, Core Material: Wood, Construction Type: Cap Construction, Hole Pattern: Standard 4 Hole, Warranty: One Year, Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 477946, Gender: Girls, Skill Level: Beginner, Model Number: 519 SB... More

Stella 519 SB 17
Item #: 477946
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