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Rome Buckshot 18-19 Snowboard 2019

Rome Buckshot 18-19 Snowboard 2019   Rome Buckshot 18-19 Snowboard 2019

Rome Buckshot 18-19 Snowboard 2019

 $499.99    $289.99

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The Rome Buckshot is back again and was designed for freestyle riders who see features everywhere they look. This freestyle snowboard features a Stay Positive Camber and a friendly flex that locks into rails with ease. The Stay Positive Camber profile gives you pure, positive camber from contact point to contact point so you have an unbelievably poppy ride. Rebound Sidewalls help absorb impact on edge to edge transitions while Glasspack Impact Plates dampen landings and prevent core compression. Throw in a light and responsive Pop Core Matrix with Bamboo Single Barrel HotRods and the Buckshot is ready to pop off lips, pop from turn to turn, pop in pow slashes, and pop in and out of rail tricks. If you're looking for a lively, fun freestyle deck then the Rome Buckshot was made just for you. True Twin, Stay Positive Camber, Pop Core Matrix, StraightBiax Carbon Laminate, Rebound Sidewalls, HotRods: Bamboo Single Barrel, Glasspack Impact Plates, Impact Edges, SinterTrue Base, Base Name: SinterTrue Base, Core Name: Pop Core Matrix, Snowboard Best Use: Freestyle, Waist Width: 256mm (@ 155cm), Stance Setback: Centered, Rocker Profile: Camber, Shape: Twin, Flex: Medium, Board Width: Regular, Rocker Type: Stay Positive Camber, Core Material: Wood, Construction Type: Sidewall Construction, Hole Pattern: Standard 4 Hole, Base Material: Sintered P-tex, Warranty: One Year, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 607740, Gender:... More

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