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United By Blue 710-004-50016

United By Blue 710-004-50016   United By Blue 710-004-50016

United By Blue Out-of-Doors Candle 2019

 $14.00    $6.99

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Proudly hand poured in Philadelphia. These Soy Wax candles have 2 great scents that will transform your evenings under the candlelight. The Log Cabin scented candle boasts a pleasantly warm, spiced scent with hints of orange peel and ginger. While the Mountain Peak scented candle offers a crisp, refreshing scent with hints of green sage and wood. Adding a great touch of originality are the hand drawn labels to ensure they stand apart from other accents in your home. The 10+ hours of burning time for the 3 oz. and 40+ hours for the 8.5 oz. make these candles a perfect home accent for all those nights without lights. 3 oz. candles burn for 10+ hours, 8.5 oz. candles burn for 40+ hours, GMO-free soy wax, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 519350, Model Number: 710-004-50016, GTIN:... More

United By Blue 710-004-50016
Item #: 519350
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