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Polarmax 2H32V 060 XS

Polarmax 2H32V 060 XS   Polarmax 2H32V 060 XS

PolarMax Micro H2 Womens Long Underwear Pants 2018

 $55.00    $26.99

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Cozy up on the mountain or back at the lodge with the PolarMax Micro H2 Womens Long Underwear Pants. Made with 100% Acclimate Dry Moisture Wicking fabric, you'll stay extremely dry while sweating out all your favorite turns. The Micro H2 Pants features include anti-microbial and anti-odor for when things start to heat up, as well as being highly breathable with an outstanding stretch for unrestricted movement. The comfortable flat seams keep chaffing to a minimum so you can spend all your time focusing on your next line. 100% Acclimate Dry Polyester, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Odor, Flat Seaming, 100% Made in the USA, Fit: Tight, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Mid, Type: Bottom, Wicking Properties: Yes, Recommended Use: Snow, Antimicrobial: Yes, Anti Odor: Yes, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Model Year: 2018, Product ID: 566045, Model Number: 2H32V 060 XS, GTIN:... More

Polarmax 2H32V 060 XS
Item #: 566045
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