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Anon 21507100040

Anon 21507100040   Anon 21507100040

Anon Sync Womens Goggles 2020

 $189.95    $109.95

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The all new Anon Sync is a fantastic goggle for any lady looking for style on the mountain. The Sonar lenses of the Sync have been designed by Zeiss Optics to deliver the ultimate clarity and distortion free view of any type of terrain you want to ride, regardless of the light condition. Triple Layer Face Foam creates a snug seal across your face, with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and the elements out. Full Perimeter Channel Venting prevents fogging. Anon's M-Fusion Magnetic Lens Change Technology allows you to swap out lenses effortlessly when the clouds roll in and the light shifts on you. The Sync has a 98mm Frame Height which has a Medium/Large Fit over your face. Wall-to-Wall Vision offers up a high amount of peripheral views that allow you to take in the mountain views and improve your vision on the slopes. M-Fusion Magnetic Lens Change Technology, 98mm Frame Height, ICT (Integral Lens Technology), Triple Layer Face Foam, MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration), Full Perimeter Channel Venting, Wall-to-Wall Vision, Lenses Designed by Zeiss Optics, Race: No, Category: Womens, OTG: No, Special Feature: None, Helmet Compatible: Yes, Spare Lens Included: Yes, Goggle Ventilation: Medium, Goggle Lens Change: Easy, Frame Size: Medium/Large, Lens Shape: Flat, Lens Type: Mirrored, Model Year: 2020, Product ID: 569625, Model Number: 21507100040, GTIN:... More

Anon 21507100040
Item #: 569625
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