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Northwave 70612107 22.0

Northwave 70612107 22.0   Northwave 70612107 22.0

Northwave Topaz Womens Snowboard Boots

 $179.99    $99.89

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Enjoy the plush comfort and easy-rising ability of the Northwave Topaz Women's Snowboard Boots. Any woman rider who has ever experienced uncomfortable boots will relish the this super comfy, super stylish freestyle boots. The Topaz feature a women's-specific cuff that is cut to fit a woman's calf, along with Northwave's TF2 Lady Liner, which can form perfectly around your foot when heated. The boot's outer shell has thick padded areas in the back of the calf and an both sides of the foot for extra comfort and protection. The 360-Degree Heel Lock System keeps your locked in place for total control and support while riding, and the Speed Lace system makes strapping in easier and quicker than ever. From the first run of the day until the last, the Northwave Topaz Boots offer you warmth, comfort and a great look. Traditional Laces with Speed Lace, Dura-Toe Cap, Thermo-Fit Lady Liner, 360-Degree Heel Lock System, Women's Cuff, Internal I.H.S., Lacing Style: Traditional Lace, Snowboard Best Use: Freestyle, Flex: Soft, Warranty: One Year, Intuition Liner: No, Brand Lacing Style: Traditional Lacing, Snowboard Boot Fit: Comfort, Product ID: 538975, Gender: Womens, Model Number: 70612107... More

Northwave 70612107 22.0
Item #: 538975
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