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Polarmax 2C11D 050 S

Polarmax 2C11D 050 S   Polarmax 2C11D 050 S

PolarMax Double Layer Mock Zip Mens Long Underwear Top

 $50.00    $19.99

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The Double Layer Mock Zip Neck from PolarMax is designed to fit regularly for comfort and full range of motion. Ideal for temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees, with the Acclimate Dry moisture wicking and Anti-Microbial Protection, you can wear this top more often and keep fresh if it goes a little longer between washes. 100% Made in the USA, Durable and Breathable, the Double Layer Mock Zip Neck is the perfect layer to transition from those cold winter months into the warmer spring season. Mid-Weight Performance Layer, 100% Acclimate Dry Polyester, Breathability and Wicking Properties, Quick Drying and Odor Resistant, Flat Seam Construction, Made in the USA, Fit: Tight, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Heavy, Type: Top, Recommended Use: Snow, Antimicrobial: Yes, Anti Odor: Yes, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Product ID: 566133, Model Number: 2C11D 050 S, GTIN:... More

Polarmax 2C11D 050 S
Item #: 566133
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