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Jetpilot JP8207 WH XS/S

Jetpilot JP8207 WH XS/S   Jetpilot JP8207 WH XS/S

Jetpilot Luxe Comp

 $119.99    $18.99

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The name Emily Copeland-Durham is synonymous with talent, dedication, and competitiveness. She is known as one of the most dedicated and serious rippers hitting the wakes. If she's not training with the pros and winning championships she's probably dreaming it. Jetpilot, also being known for their dedication, is all about providing the best in safety with all rippers but they are always on the cutting edge with their innovations. It should be no surprise that Jetpilot and Emily collaborated together to bring you the Luxe. Designed top to bottom to be comfortable, flexible, and most of all have unmatched performance. The Luxe also has beveled edges which translates into the overall thickness decreasing but the vest still providing impact protection. Liqui-Stretch technology also has been implemented to wick away moisture and dry ultra fast. To help prevent snagging belts are hidden and secured beneath the neoprene layer (hidden webbing). Time to add this attractive yet effective piece to your collection. Designed and Tested by Emily Copeland Durham, Fully Sublimated JetPilot Designed Print, Glide Skin Accent Details, Exclusive Diamond Collection, NOT US Coast Guard Approved, PVC Foam Core, Closure: 1 Buckle & Zip, Material: Neoprene, Coast Guard Approved?: No, Coast Guard Approval Type: None, Product ID: 557404, Model Number: JP8207 WH XS/S, GTIN:... More

Jetpilot JP8207 WH XS/S
Item #: 557404
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