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Scott 228226-3744235

Scott 228226-3744235   Scott 228226-3744235

Scott Fix Womens Goggles

 $94.99    $34.99

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Scott's most popular goggles just keeps getting better and the Fix 2013 is no exception. The lightweight spherical dual lenses are engineered to match the natural curvature of the human eye for an unrivaled panoramic view at every angle. This along with 100% UV protection reduces the chance of major eye fatigue. A permanent No Fog anti-fog lens treatment has also been applied which works in conjunction with the Active Control System for active lens venting will reduce unwanted moisture buildup. The hypoallergenic 3-layer ultra-soft face foam will keep you comfortable all day long and the design makes them fit comfortably with your helmet for increased versatility. With the Scott Fix goggles you will never again be yearning for more as they know what you crave and have delivered like no other. Cheek Vents for Active Frame Venting, Hypoallergenic 3-layer Ultra Soft Face Foam, Spherical Scott OptiView Double Lens, No Fog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment, Air Control System for Active Lens Venting, Race: No, Category: Adult, OTG: No, Helmet Compatible: Yes, Spare Lens Included: No, Goggle Ventilation: Medium, Goggle Lens Change: Moderate, Frame Size: Small/Medium, Lens Shape: Flat, Lens Type: Non-Mirrored, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 427835, Model Number: 228226-3743235, GTIN:... More

Scott 228226-3744235
Item #: 427835
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